Angels of Death

US 16
If you be looking for the most solid, dependable, tight-knit scalawags on the high seas, then look no further! Clan AOD has been around for 20 years and supports just as many games full-time and many more part-time. We thrive on community and camaraderie, ..

Alliance Servers 24/7

US 20
Our servers have a 99% uptime around the clock. Our dedicated Staff Team makes sure that these servers are online 24/7. FoTD, Athenas, Forts & Fleets, Emissary Grinding Fast Gold, Fast Leveling Weekly Events (Meg hunting fleets, Full server Athena runs..

Jando's Fleet

US 6
nterested in climbing the reputation ranks fast? Just want to make some gold? Jando's Fleet is the best community around for PvE content in Sea of Thieves! We host daily fleet servers that include: Fort of the Damned Fleets & Forts Athena's..

THE Fleet of Thieves

US 2
We are the largest structured clan for Sea of Thieves that you will find! With over 4,500 members, you will have no trouble finding a competent crew to play with any time of day.


BR 1
Surgiu quando muitos grupos estavam fadados a fazer alianças, fechar servidores, fazer as coisas de uma maneira sem graça. A ilha é para quem gosta de matar, roubar e afundar. Também fazemos missões, mas não é o foco. Trindade é uma homenagem..

Cutthroats - #1

US 0
Our promise to you is that you will have more fun playing Sea of Thieves with the Cutthroat Pirates than you would on your own or anywhere else. We focus on providing leading experiences in Adventuring, Role Playing, and Speed Running, while we also provid..

(TAW) The Art Of Warfare

US 0
(TAW) The Art Of Warfare - Looking for fun ACTIVE players. Check us out!! The Art Of Warfare (TAW) is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with a lot of active members in 40+ games including Sea Of Thie..

Crew of Thieves Recruitment

US 0
We are one of the biggest and oldest Sea of Thieves communities around.. Whether you came here to find others and play the game together, discuss the latest news or just want to have a good time, you've found the right place! We are very friendly, no m..

Sith Remnant's

US 0
Greetings everyone! So let me address the elephant in the room; Sith and a pirate game? Well the Sith Remnant is a gaming community with a structure for those who love Star Wars. We span different titles and our while our structure resembles a Sith power ..

Red Death Gaming

US 0
Red Death gaming is a small community of gamers hoping to grow.This post isn't going to be flashy because our community isn't flashy, we play to have fun and be social. We are all laid back ,18+,and eastern time zone. We welcome all players beginne..

The Cult of Gaming

US 0
Yar my hearties! We are looking for more pirates to join our ever growing Crew. The Cult of Gaming has 80 members and SoT is one of our biggest games! With people playing every day you can rest assured that we have Pirates who want to do what you want to. ..

Sith Remnant

US 0
Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people? Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock? Welcome to the Sith Remnant's Sea of Thieves Embassy Greetings everyone! So let me..


US 0
(Because joining a fleet of thieves with 11ty thousand members is the same as playing with randoms) That's easy. Why play with a clan with hundreds and hundreds of members? Sea of Thieves is awesome with friends and a crew that work together. If you..

Divine Knight

US 0
Do you have what it takes to be a Divine Knight? Do you value loyalty, friendship, and communication? Do you want to join a growing Clan that has been around since 2008? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, come to https://www.divineknightscl..


US 0

The Pirate Council

US 0
Founded in July of 2018, The Pirate Council started with long standing communities found on the Sea of Thieves Forum. Since its inception, TPC has grown to form a larger coalition of many organizations within the Sea of Thieves Community. We all share a co..


US 0
Our Sea of Thieves Chapter (in our guild, Eularity) is looking for a few more semi-regular (once or twice every 2 weeks) pirates to join us on adventures, PVP, and other shenanigans.


US 0
Detached Gaming Community - Looking for New Members to Sail the High Seas and More!

Tactical Fleet

US 0
We be here at yer service to provide some of the best crew mates these seas has to offer. Check out our pamphlet down below if yer interested.

The Old Salts

US 0
With the amazing launch of Shrouded Spoils: P.T.A. are proud to offer spaces in the academy for any pirates young or old no matter their ability. -If you're new to the game and require some help --If you've played for a while and want some p..

The Kraken's Spawn

US 0
Welcome to The Kraken's Spawn! We are a low profile, laid back clan accepting scallywags from all walks! Starting as a smaller clan we are able to build crews that share common interests and like mindedness whilst sailing the high seas, whether it b..

The Cursed Sails

US 0
So as it stands I, Mad Jack Ketch will be throwing together a crew hub for tomorrows release The Cursed Sails! It'll be an opportunity to come and find a crew on Discord and experience the new content update! It'll be an enjoyable experience for ev..

Legends of Nassau

US 0
The Legends of Nassua is a new Sea of Thieves Discord community, we help new players and veterans. We are still developing the Discord community and we require some people to be permanent moderators, and if you want to join and be part of this new commu..


US 0
Established in 2016 as a World of Warcraft guild, Treason has become a community of mature adults looking to play games with like-minded individuals and overall have a good time. Our community is mostly 25+ but we do accept mature players who are 18+.

The Jolly Rogers

US 0
We are a serious band of pirates with cracking banter. We're looking for people who play regularly and know their stuff. We are open to all and whom request to join to participate in a trial period. The Discord is a closed Discord to ensure than when l..

Black Flag Cartel (US)

US 0
The Black Flag Cartel is a consortium of blood thirsty, gold grabbin', cutlass swingin' scallywags! There is lot's of gold to be made on the Sea of Thieves and we aim to dominate the competition, even if that means blowing 'em to smithereen..


US 0
Are you sick and tired of countless hours sailing the sea alone think again matey your not alone There is a crew here waiting for you! Rules *If you are 18 plus and fluent in English we have a place on our ship for you *Respect all players as y..


US 0
Here you will find a NEW friendly SOT community for adults (AB18). Regular fleet trips, event appointments, everything that brings reputation and gold has the highest priority here! This is a mixed server, which means Xbox and PC players are very welcome

Zero Fox Gaming

US 0
Zero Fox Gaming is currently recruiting for the newest addition in our community game lineup SOT. The Marauders Guild, is an open community welcoming those who seek riches and a great game experience. The founders being in the game since day 1 we offer a h..
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